Proposed subjects for your personal assignment
- Sunday November 10, 2019 -

Dear all,

Please find below proposed subjects to choose from, for your personal assignment. Please send me by email ( your three ordered preferences and I will reply by assigning to you one of them (no deadline but the sooner the better). Note that you can also propose any other subject of your choice outside the list, provided it is within the area of the course. In the next lecture on Wednesday 13, 2019, I will brielfy refer to each one of them.


As mentioned in the beginning of the course, the assignment involves the preparation of a 15-minute video presentation on the subject assigned, that will be uploaded through the eclass platform (instructions to follow in due time). The presentation should mainly cover current state-of-the-art, open issues and main developments, rather than a specific research proposal found in the literature. Language and text on the slides can be either English or Greek.


The grade of the assignment will contribute with 30% to the final grade (the other 70% will be from the final examinations). Deadline for submission is February 24, 2020.


1. Device-to-device communications in 4G networks: Technologies and standards

2. Current status of 5G deployments worldwide and plans for the future

3. Network slicing in 5G: What and how

4. Using massive MIMO in 5G networks: problems and solutions

5. Edge computing and edge cashing: Benefits, challenges and solutions

6. Procedures for frequency licensing in public mobile networks: In general and for 5G in particular

7. NB-IoT vs Lora: Technologies for the Internet of Things

8. Interference in WiFi and 4G: Why it occurs and how to handle

9. Virtual and augmented reality over 5G networks: Requirements and service provision

10. mmWave communications in 5G networks

11. Possible attacks and security measures in mobile communications

12. Software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV): Description and benefits


I also remind you that close to the New Year break a set of around 50 preparatory questions will be issued to help you with your study for the final examinations. The last lecture on January 8th, 2020, will summarize the course material and give guidelines per question.