Σουζάννα Βέρνυ


What is the future of European integration in the age of Brexit? Rising euroscepticism has encouraged demands for a return to the nation-state or a redefinition of its relationship with European integration.

The main theme of this course is the multiple ways in which participation in the European Union (EU) and the continual deepening of integration influence the European nation-state and its functions, impacting on institutions, policies and citizens. A central question concerns whether European integration is leading to the obsolescence, strengthening or transformation of the nation-state. Three kinds of European state are considered: full EU members, candidate states, and non-members who are linked to the EU through different types of institutionalised relationships.

Another key course theme concerns the nature of euroscepticism and its implications for European integration.

Course Goals

  • Understanding the nature and evolution of the European nation-state
  • Understanding multiple dime
Course code: 42904
Faculty: Political Science and Public Administration » Undergraduate courses » 6th semester
Political Science and Public Administration » Undergraduate courses » 8th semester
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