Research Colloquium “Christianity in history”

Δημήτριος Μόσχος


The colloquium provides the possibility for presentation and critical review of research projects (dissertations, MA theses etc) of students and Doctoral candidates (ABDs) supervised by the organizer (Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Moschos) aspiring to create a lively schlolarly community and possibly a cluster of excellence in research through regular meetings and other forms of cooperation. The overall title "Christianity in history" covers open scholarly problems of Church History and related fields (e.g. ancient Christianity, history of institutions, hagiography and spirituality, intellectual history, history of local Churches, Christianity and society etc). The form of regular sessions facilitates the involvement of guest Professors through academic exchange from abroad and herewith the critical feedback for the work of the participants. The language is used is English and eligible participants are mainly advanced students in Postgraduate Courses of Church History, MA and Doctoral candidates