FS16 History of Modern European Philosophy

Anna Lazou


During the winter semester 2016 - 2017 we will deal with representative philosophers of Modern and Contemporary European philosophy included in enlightenment, in empiricism and German idealism and their influences. This course will build on the approved manuals of the Department of Philosophy enriched with extensive bibliography, notes and original philosophical texts. Particular reference will be made to the particular philosophical works, like Essay Concerning Human Understanding by J. Locke , Three Dialogues of Hylas and Philonous by G. Berkeley et al.

Along with lectures of the main course there will be conducted an interactive seminar based on two selected original texts: Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts by K. Marx (German Dep.) and The Birth of Tragedy by F.Nietzsche (Spanish Dep.).

KEY WORDS: Enlightenment, Empericism, Mind, History of Philosophy, Analytical Philosophy