Theories of second/foreign language acquisition/learning

Σοφία Παπαευθυμίου-Λύτρα



MA in Applied Linguistics

Course: Theories of second language acquisition/learning

Tutor: Sophia Papaefthymiou-Lytra

Spring 2012


The course is designed for students of applied linguistics with an interest in acquiring a strong background in the linguistic, cognitive, interactional and social foundations of language and, in particular, of interlanguage  -- English as a foreign language, a well as  in research methodology and a desire to apply this new-found knowledge to real-world situations as well as classroom situations where English is learnt and used as a means of communication with N and NN speakers alike


As a result of this integrative approach, student research will focus on understanding learner interlanguage development in EFL with particular reference to the Greek learner of English by exploring and developing Greek learner corpora in EFL. Students will feed this knowledge into the development of theoretical models for the study of phenomena such as classroom language l