Course Objectives/Goals

Course Objectives/Goals

Course title: ERASMUS: New Technologies and the Knowledge Economy
Tutor: Dr. G.C. Pentzaropoulos, Professor (ICT), UoA Department of Economics.



Availability: A course offered to Erasmus students at the UoA Department of Economics in Semester A (Winter).
Online, research-oriented reading course, with project work supervision.

Course Work & Evaluation: Compulsory written assignments with evaluation.

Procedure: Readings are an essential part of the course. Participants are required to produce, in the first instance, a work plan and then write an essay. There are no formal written examinations.


Course description

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are today a key factor for economic growth and prosperity as well as social change. ICTs play a key role towards the formation of an inclusive knowledge economy and society ensuring growth through competitiveness. In the European Union, ICTs are an integral component of its technology strategy, known as the Digital Agenda, which is designed to prepare the EU for the forthcoming worldwide challenges. In the OECD area, recent statistics indicate the increasing use of ICT-based applications and intelligent services in business, administration, and other key areas of economic and social activity. This course focuses on all key aspects known for their contribution to our global knowledge economy and society.


Keywords: ICTs; information society; knowledge economy; smart growth; competitiveness; research & development; innovation; electronic services.


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