FLS 133 Philosophy of Mind

Anna Lazou


This course aims to bring together the enrolled students with modern developments in the subject of the Philosophy of Mind through contact with the literature and the method of dialogue and debate in class. Main course units are:
I General Introduction to the concepts constituting the content and course outline of the Philosophy of Mind – mind, brain, soul, consciousness, self, artificial intelligence, mental activity, intention, action.
I.I Concise reference to major theories of the nature of mind, from the History of Philosophy:

I.I.i Ancient times (Mythology, poetry, Aristotle)

I.I.ii Modern times (Locke, Hegel)

I.I.iii Contemporary philosophers (Wittgenstein, Davidson, Searle et.a)

II Specialized section of the course
Topics to be discussed in this part are:
The relationship of the body to the soul and the theories of dualism, behaviorism, identity, functionalism, subjective experience, the depiction of the world in mind, how they affect the philosophical questions of psychology, the