UADPhilEcon Soc103: History of Economic Thought

Nicholas J. Theocarakis


There are no modules in this semester in HET but only one semester-long set of lectures.

Lectures include

1. A general introduction to the methodology and HET

2. The economics of ancient Greeks: Plato [Republic], Xenophon [Cyropaedia & Oeconomicus] and Aristotle [Politics & Nicomachean Ethics]

3. Mediaeval economic teaching: The Scholastics 

4. Mercantilism [British and Continental]. Interpretations [Liberal, Historical and modern]

5. Boisguilbert, Vauban, Mandeville, Locke, William Petty, Cantillon, John Law, Hume, Galiani

6. Classical political economy: Adam Smith

7. Classical political economy: David Ricardo and T.R. Malthus. J.S. Mill

8. Marxist political economy: Karl Marx - Friedrich Engels. Later Developments

9. Pre-marginalist economic thought: Bernoulli, von Thuenen, Cournot, Gossen, Senior, WF Lloyd

10. The marginalist revolution: Jevons, Menger and Walras. The Methodenstreit.

11. The consolidation of neoclassical economics: Marshall, Edgeworth, Pareto et al. Institutionalist